Reasons Why My Business Needs A Website

In this day and age and with the advancement of free technology like social media (ie. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), a lot of businesses that has been around for a while without a website ask, do I really need a website?

The quick answer is YES, still. Anybody and everybody can simply create a social media account and with that account, create a business page. With the rise of scam profiles and fake accounts, one way to combat a bad reputation is through a website. Sure, just about anybody can create a website but it does take a little bit of effort to do so and with a few things in the background of a website, it is very easy to verify if a page is valid or not.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 more reasons why you should own a website:

1. A website makes you look more “legit” – Today’s customers think a website makes your business more professional than just a company with a dozen social media accounts. Your website is also the perfect place to show off any professional certifications or awards your business has.

Another interesting point, having your own website lets you have an email address tagged to your business (e.g. which adds another level of professionalism especially when you communicate with people. Having a business email address is better than using the one you’ve had since you were in grade school.

2. Instead of just attracting customers through social media, you also allow your customers to find you through search engines like Google or Bing – You may think that since you are a start up, the current customer base that you have is adequate for your business’ capacity. But how about expansion potential? Wouldn’t you rather be future-proof? Having a website would be able to handle the small customer base as well as the big customer base when the time comes.

Part of having a website is being able to market your business using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Sounds technical but pretty straightforward. With a website, certain keywords or catchphrases will be imbedded in your website that will attract search engines (again, like Google or Bing) to make searching for your company much easier. Yes, without it your website will eventually come up in search results but through SEO, the likelihood of your website coming up on the first page because more assured. The more those keywords get searched, the more Google or Bing will pair that keyword with your website. Thus quickly sending more customers to your website.

3. Your brand and products can be arranged just the way you like them – Unlike in social media, the layout of your products will depend entirely on the layout provided by the social media platform (like Facebook) which in turn, can easily confuse customers because if they do a Facebook search of anything, they will just look the same. With your own website, you can create a design recall to visitors that when they revisit your page, there is an instant memory of what goes where, thus making it more likely for them to return.

4. You can display any reviews or testimonials thus increasing your brand awareness – You know how it is when you check an item out in Amazon, Shopee, or Lazada and a certain listed item does not have a customer review? And without that review you can’t help but think twice if this item is legit or not? Well, that’s the same thing with owning a website. Any good reviews from customers can be showcased letting potential customers know that you are the real deal and have the feedback from other customers to boot. It’s an awesome way to establish social proof.

5. Websites encourage customers to contact you – Owning your own website allows you to make your contact information readily available to potential customers unlike in social media, your contact information is only place in certain parts of the page, with your own website, you can practically place your contact information virtually ANYWHERE that ensures that your customers can easily get in touch with you when the need arises regardless of where they are on your website.

6. Your website can include an embedded Google Maps of your physical location so that customers are immediately informed without needing to ask you first – Whether you have a physical location now or in the future, having the option is always good for potential customers.

An embedded map makes it easy for potential customers who are not usually from your area to find you. This is particularly great if you have a physical store where your items can looked at personally and not just rely on an image on the screen.

7. Your website establishes your footprint in the industry – As of 2021, 71% of small businesses have websites and 81% of customers look for things online before they buy them. Simply put, if your competitors have a website and you don’t they immediately have first dibs on the quality customers and you are left with those who push their luck and try to search for you in social media.

8. A website is no longer something that is difficult to acquire – As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, a website is not that difficult to have and yet the security is much higher than just creating a social media page.

9. Having a website NOW ensures success in the long run – As of January of last year (2021), almost 4.66 billion people (59.5% of the global population) use the Internet. In many other countries, that percentage is much higher. Do a quick Google search for how many people use the internet in your country and you’ll be surprised with the number. With the advancement of internet technology and how readily accessible and relatively cheap internet access is, there is no reason why anybody cannot be online. Even those with just a phone can browse the web for as long as they have a data signal or access to a WIFI hotspot which is pretty common these days. 

Did you also know that more and more public transportation offers free WIFI to their commuters?

10. You can get all of the benefits of owning a website without spending an arm and a leg – Getting a website isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Thanks to technology, it has also become more affordable. Companies like TitoMediaLab can provide you a world-class and competitive website without breaking the bank with all the necessary options and resources available at your disposal.

So to recap, do I need a website for my business? It’s a no-brainer. If not, go back and read the 10 reasons listed above just to make sure you have your answer.

To stay competitive in this increasingly digital world, your business needs to get a website.