About Titomedialab

Simple… Effective… Done!

What is a TITO (Tagalog/Filipino for “Uncle”)?

He is that one guy at the family reunion who know all the latest trends and the funniest jokes. Any problem can be solved by calling that guy he just happens to know. Often times he is regarded as the FUNcle.

What makes this Tito a viable candidate to work on your next website? We are the generation that was already there when the internet started; When technology as we know and love today was still in its infancy.

Though everything nowadays is all about speed, ease, and being free, we all know that there is a certain advantage of getting things at a premium and not everything you get for free is just as good. We learned and grew from doing all the technological “grunt work” so to speak.

We understand customer experience because we are customers ourselves.

The founders of TML all have extensive corporate and branding backgrounds with over 20 years of combined experience so with this statement alone, you can be sure that you are in the best of capable hands.

Titomedialab SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We are well-versed with the latest in SEO technologies. Come out on TOP.

When you do a web search, more often than not, the first few pages are the most relevant in your search and the succeeding pages would be something similar to what you are looking for but not quite. For new web sites, they would normally be found at page 2, 3, or worse. With the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique, we can get your website a higher chance of that “first-page” hit.

The titomedialab Guarantee

Most web design studios give you 4-6 weeks to put a website together and you're on your own.

We're not like that. We will put your website together as per usual BUT we will stay with you for a year* to get your acclimated to your new digital home before we part ways.

*this will depend totally on the written agreement once you decide to hire us. This maybe shorter or longer. It is totally up to you.

Fully functional

Unlike other providers, when we make a quote, it will include all the bells and whistles that is needed to get you started. Even if it's the bare minimum, we guarantee that your website will be working right off the bat with no additional hidden costs.

On time with no down time

Your website is a reflection of your hardworking self and we respect that. Need to get your site up in 4 weeks? We got you and without a minute late.

Interact with your customers whenever, wherever

Getting in touch with your customer base is just as important as the website itself. We have the tools to make talking to your customers easy and painfree.

Make the Best Out of Your Website